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The Gothic Influence

Paper and digital collages by Libby Rosa with an altered text taken from Angela Carter's Introduction to The Lady of the House of Love

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Re-framing Europa

Ekphrastic Text and Collages by Libby Rosa

The Europa, by Moschus, is a Hellenistic epyllion that plays with complex framing devices using the technique of ekphrasis. It explores a poet's self-conscious relationship with art and the effect of the erotic gaze. This book is my own experimental exercise in ekphrasis using text, image, and architecture. I embed characters and scenes from The Europa into a fantasy version of a Pompeiian villa. The walls of the villa lead visitors on a tour of the epyllion. I experiment with ekphrasis tropou, mise en abyme, and mimesis to formally explore the creation of a dynamic imaginary space.

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